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  • Andrew James Pooley

Notes on Forestric History

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Providing Convalescence for members was very important to members of Friendly Societies in the 19th Century and beyond. If you were sick (but not sick enough to stay in hospital) how could you afford to go away to recover?

Whilst searching for a photograph of the Scottish Foresters Convalescent Home at Kinbuck I came on this photograph of the Foresters Convalescent Home at Walton Pool, Clent. Until this image came to light it was unremembered.

The Home was established in 1887 for the benefit of members of Foresters Courts within 30 miles of Birmingham. It no longer exists as a Foresters Convalescent Home but it deserves better than to be forgotten. I should say that the Foresters still feature Convalescence.

The Home opened on a small scale and was then rebuilt and was opened in it's expanded state in 1894. There is a good account of the opening and how the Home was financed by very small contributions in the Birmingham Daily Post of the 16th May 1894.

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