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Today, there can be few magazines or journals with titles in more or less constant use for the past  for over 180 years.  In the Foresters Friendly Society, e can therefore take some pride in commemorating the publication of the first edition of The Foresters Miscellany in March 1836, and its subsequent history. Dr. Roger Logan (Foresters historian) tells us more... 

First page of the first edition

           MARCH 1836

(1) MISC 1836 no 1 vol 1.jpg
20160303-Samuel Moody (2).jpg

Samuel Moody the first       editor of Miscellany

April 1846

Foresters Magazine 1846.JPG
The Foresters monthly journal 1871 1.JPG

December 1871

In its first format, the Miscellany was a monthly, 16 page roughly A5 size, un-illustrated magazine. Available to subscribing members of the then Ancient Order of Foresters. It was produced by a Leeds printer and stationer, Samuel Moody, a member of Court Stone Ezel 139.

As proprietor, he edited the Miscellany in its early years. Subscribers received a varied mix of editorial opinion, reports on the opening of new Courts, poetry, short pieces of literature, and births, marriages and deaths of members. A correspondence column provided a forum for sharing thoughts about emerging Order and Miscellany itself.

Formative years

Throughout the 1830s and early -40s, during the Orders formative years, the original format was maintained.  A useful enhancement came with the inclusion from 1841 of the portrait drawings and potted biographies of High Chief Rangers.  However the level of support was not that expected, or needed, to make publication viable.

Changes to its regularity of issue and content failed to halt declining circulation.  Eventually, in 1856/7 the title went into abeyance.

    A fresh start was made in 1857, with the Permanent Secretary of the order, Samuel Shawcross, being invited to take on the role of 'conductor'.  In this existence, The Foresters' Miscellany and Quarterly review contained some 40 to 50 pages of news, specially commissioned articles statistics, as well reports of local Court events such as dinners and fetes.  The cost of production was partially offset by advertisements promoting AOF members' own enterprises.

Highs and lows


Over the years, under successive 'conductors', or editors, the Miscellany evolved to present a rich source of detail about the direction and progress of the Order.  At times of great world events, the Miscellany recorded the effect of these on the lives of members and their families.  Outstanding examples of these were the two world wars.  The published monthly list of fatalities during 1914/15 made sombre reading and perhaps  not surprisingly as the list grew longer, these were discontinued.  On the other hand photos of the Forester Victoria Cross winners with accounts of their actions boosted readers' morale.

   In more peaceful times, the annual highlight was the special bumper High Court Meeting report edition of the Miscellany.  With more or less verbatim accounts of extensive debate on everything of importance to Foresters, this represented a major feat of publication, often running to more than 100 pages.  Latterly, photographs were increasingly used to bring the narrative to life, as was colour printing.  We have even dabbled with an online edition.

   However, perhaps the outstanding achievement of the editors, and all associated with the production over the years, is to have ensured the survival of a priceless legacy for future generations, enabling an understanding of Foresters Friendly Society as it has evolved over 180 years.


Coronation edition 1953 editor R T Pickett

Miscellany 1909 2.JPG
MISC 1955 (1 of 1).jpg

Miscellany cover 1955 editor R T Pickett

September 1909


February 1970

MISC 1970 (1 of 1) (2).jpg
Miscellany 197 small MISC 1977 (1 of 1).

2005- 2015 edited by Janet Clements

Silver Jubiee edition June 1977

MISCELLANY 2007 (1 of 1) (2).jpg
MISC 1994  smaller(1 of 1) (2).jpg
MISCELLANY 2014 (1 of 1) (2).jpg
img174 (2).jpg

January 1984

September 1994


MISC 1865 Adverts photo.jpg
Misc img178 2s.jpg
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Edited by Christine Carpenter 2016-2019

A full collection of issues can be viewed at the Museum

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